Indigo dye; Food coloring; Indigo carmine; Användande på Carmín de índigo; Användande på Indigo-karmin; Användande på Indigokarmiini; Luettelo E-koodatuista aineista; Användande på Carmin d'indigo; Användande på אינדיגו קרמין


Indigo carmine (sodium indigotindisulfonate) is a blue dye routinely administered IV during urologic and gynecologic procedures to localize the ureteral orifices .Although considered biologically inactive, it has been associated with hypotension when administered in the presence of lumbar epidural anesthesia using local anesthetics .We report a case of severe hypotension after the

212-728-8. Chemische Eigenschaften. Formel. C 1 6 H 8 N 2 Na 2 O 8 S 2. Molmasse.

Indigo carmine

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Carmim de índigo ou índigo-carmim, ou sal sódico do ácido 5,5'-indigodisulfônico, é um corante e indicador de pH com a fórmula química C 16 H 8 N 2 Na 2 O 8 S 2 El carmín de índigo (denominado también indigotina) es un colorante sintético de color azul empleado en la industria alimentaria con el código E 132.Se produce de forma natural en la savia del arbusto Indigofera tinctoria, aunque en la actualidad es producido de forma sintética. [2] Indigo carmine, or indigo, is an indigo derivative which is also used as a colorant. Indigo dye - Wikipedia Substituted 2-nitrobenzaldehydes can also be used to yield other important compounds based on indigo, such as indigo carmine. 2-Nitrobenzaldehyde - Wikipedia Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Indigo Carmine · Luke's Anger Rub 'n' Tiz' Zug ℗ 2008 Luke Sanger Released on: 2008-04-21 Producer: Luke Sanger Indigo carmine trong dung dịch nước 0,2% có màu xanh ở pH 11,4 và màu vàng ở mức 13,0.

Indigo Carmine. engelska. Indigo Blue, Soluble.

Dissolved Oxygen, Indigo Carmine Method 8316, LR AccuVac® Ampuls DOC316.53.01098, English US, 192 KB, 2014-01, Ed 9. Fluoride, SPADNS 2 Method 

212-728-8. Chemische Eigenschaften. Formel.

Indigo carmine

Indigo carmine is an organic sodium salt resulting from the formal condensation of indigo carmine (acid form) with two equivalents of sodium hydroxide. It is an indicator at pH 11.5-14, changing from blue to yellow. It has a role as a food colouring, a histological dye and a two-colour indicator. It contains an indigo carmine(2-).

860-22-0 · 4. Food Blue No. 2 · 5. Indigocarmin.

Indigo carmine

Indigo carmine, 315510, 25, 100 g  Used as a tissue stain, pH indicator and viability stain. As a pH indicator, it is blue at pH 11.4 and yellow at 13.0. As a viability stain, it will stain dead cells blue  Indigo Carmine injection(Indigotindisulfonate Sodium Injection, USP). Preservative-free ampule; This drug product is not FDA approved. Receive Availability  1 May 2016 A dark bluish purple, synthetic, water soluble version of Indigo. Indigo carmine, or Saxon blue, is composed of the sodium sulfonate salt of  Indigo carmine is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to localize ureteral orifices during cystoscopy and is commonly used in obstetrics and  If one is unsure whether a ureteral injury has occurred intraoperatively, intravenous administration of 10 mL of indigo carmine or methylene blue with 20 mg of  Synonyms: CI FOOD BLUE 1, FD AND C BLUE No. 2, INDIGO CARMINE.
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C16H8N2Na2O8S2 M.W : 466,36 CAS : 860-22-0 EC : 212-728-8. P : P102-P202. SHOW SPECIFICATIONS. English: Indigo carmine; indigotindisulfonate sodium; Indigo carmine; C.I. Acid Blue 74.

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Indigo Carmine AC. Indigo Carmine BP. Food Blue 2. Indigotine Blue LZ. Atul Indigo Carmine. Soluble Indigo Blue. Bucacid indigotine B. Grape Blue A Geigy. Maple Indigo Carmine. Edicol Supra Blue X. Amacid Brilliant Blue. Indigo Carmine Powder. Mitsui Indigo Carmine. FD and C Blue 2. Aniline Carmine powder. Acid Leather Blue IC. Dolkwal Indigo

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